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Building an AMD diode reader using the MAX6657 is now easier

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Aug 20, 2002
Brooklyn, NY

If you’ve been contemplating building one of these, but have been put off by the difficulty of soldering such a tiny IC, Then take a look at this. It might just be what you need.

Capital Advanced Technologies makes breadboards for surface mount ICs. The model 9082 was made for 8 pin SOICs like the MAX6657. This board makes the job of soldering the IC easy. Using a pencil type soldering iron I found it very easy to solder the legs of the IC onto the board.

Here’s a link to the 9082 page:

You can buy this breadboard from Jameco for $3.55.

To get a MAX6657 chip you can go to the Maxim website and order a sample. In a week or so you’ll get two chips in the mail.

Here’s an article by pHaestus at ProCooling about making a reader. It gives a little more detail.

Please note, however, that the 2.2uF capacitor in his cartoon illustration should really be a .0022uF capacitor...as is listed in the MAX6657 product sheet. Well, actually the product sheet lists the capacitor as 2200pF, but 2200pF is .0022uF. This site has a calculator that will convert capacitance values for you so you can be sure to get the right cap.

I ordered the .0022uF capacitor from Jameco, but I found the 0.1uF cap at RadioShack. RS also had 100 ohm resistors, so I used two in series. I couldn’t find a 200 ohm resistor. But that’s pretty much it…4 parts (5 if using two resistors) and some wiring. You should be able to use a CDROM audio cable for the SMBus connector. If you’re gonna order from Jameco, make sure you get everything you need the first time. I hate paying 5 bucks shipping for 3 bucks worth of parts.

The pic above is of my reader. I opted to solder all the components to the 9082 board just because I could (needed to solder bridges anyways.) Otherwise, just solder the IC to the 8092 board and put all the components on the thru-hold board (also a RadioShack item.) This is the second one I’ve made. The first was completely hardwired...all the wires were soldered onto the legs. This one will go into the SIP socket that you see in the thru-hole breadboard.

Of course, try to insure that you can even read the diode on your motherboard. On my Abit KT7A the diode had no connection. On my Asus A7N266-VM the board was already reading the diode! (doh!) Send the mb manufacturer an email if you have to.

Good Luck!
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archilochus said:
Nice write up and device..:thup:
Thanks. It's definitely been a learning experience but I enjoyed it. Here's a pic of the reader on the board. There are four more wires soldered on the reader...you can't see them well. Those just run straight to the SMBus header on the motherboard.
archilochus said:
Did you cut a path thru the socket for the wires going under the processor?

Yeah I did. Check it out...

EDIT: Pics removed to save personal website space and because article is available on overclockers. See link below.
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IMOG said:
Very cool. Have you sent an article on this to JoeC yet? He would gladly post it to the frontpage. ;)
That's not a bad idea. I'll write up something more detailed and see if he's interested in it.
He will be, trust me. :)

I've always received good response time when using Joe's email address also - always within a day or two I hear back. :)
I'll be watching. :)

Once it gets posted, give it a week or so and search google for the last part of the url - You might find some linkage elsewhere across the net. I searched google for "tips1166" and found my Malware Warfare article had been linked from about 7 other sites, 2 of which were in different languages. Kinda Neat. :)
:D :D :D Yup yup yup, taught him everything he knows. If anyone would like more articles from Graystar, shoot me an email and I'll negotiate a contract. (50% agent investment per case) ;)
Now I'll have to ban you for making solicitations for services on the forums! :p (Oh wait, 50% of zero is ... ;) ) -- Paul