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PROJECT LOG Building desk PC, looking for input on current design

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Didn't think about it like that :)

Got to love it when the wife is on board with the build. Sends me a text from home while I'm at work with a picture says "it's like Christmas!" lol. Complete with dog all up in your face...

NewEgg box full of goodies :D Already popped the RAM and RX480 in the current rig for "testing" ;) So far so good! The parts swap deactivated Windows 7 lmao but I'm purchasing 10 tomorrow anyhow

I did get in on the 10 upgrade, but then downgraded back to 7 for no other reason than I didn't like 10 at the time :p Now using it at work every day I've gotten use to it lol. I did the Microsoft automated phone mess last night and reactivated 7, so I bought myself a little time while I can back everything up to my home server. Not that there's much on the desktop as far as storage, that's why I have a remote 4tb in the closet (very simple setup; a Netbook on the network with a pair of 2tb external hard drives shared over the network), but at least now I'm not rushed to install the new OS

So far the RX480 is doing great! Should handle everything I'll throw at it without issues. So long as I can max out settings at 1080p I'll be happy, I don't care about 4k res... My HD6970 actually kept up pretty good, it was the 2gb memory on it that really hindered that card, mostly just because I'm a graphics junkie... I'd rather have a beautiful 1080p picture with high res images, lighting, and shading, at just 30-40fps, than a dumbed down 720p just to hit 60fps, and so far the RX480 8gb is delivering the quality at 60+fps at 1080p :)
Woot. I'm going to be buying one today, upgrading from my GTX 770 2gb card. Best Buy has a premium cost of 289.99 for theirs, so I'm going to stop by a local pc hardware store and see if they have better deals, because when I can buy off newegg for 229, 209 after rebate, I'd be damn sure to try and get at least $250 for convenience of no shipping time. :)