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Building my first AMD system...need advice, opinions

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Feb 5, 2001
Well, I'll be building my first AMD system (my current computer is a P2-300 that I helped build with a friend of mine). I've been reading the boards regularly for the past year and on a daily basis for the past 6 months and feel that I have a pretty good knowledge base. I've read tons of reviews and articles online and feel very comfortable building my new machine.
Here is what my new system will be comprised of:

Iwill KK266 or Abit Kt7A
AMD 1.2 Ghz 266 FSB
256 megs of Crucial PC133 CL2
Swiftech MC462A
ATI Radeon 64DDR retail
Maxtor 7200rpm 40 gig (I would've got an IBM drive but I got this for my birthday so I
can't complain)
Addtronics 6496 w/300psu
Soundblaster 5.1 X-gamer and Linksys NIC from this computer
19" Magview monitor
Windows 98SE

I plan on playing games, running office programs and doing some amateur music production on the machine so speed is a must. I plan on overclocking but only after I get everything running stable.

Any opinions and advice would be greatly appreciated as I will be buying these pieces over the next couple of weeks. I already ordered the MC462 since it would take a month to get it.

hold off on getting that radeon.
what For the Kyro II to retail.
then you'll have a bitching card, and save quite a few bucks.
Both boards are good choices. I have not tried an Iwill board so I don't have first hand knowledge of it. But I do have 2 Abit boards. The Abit KT7A-Raid is a little better than the Abit KT7-Raid. The 133A Chipset over the 133.
CounTER-STRiKe (Mar 19, 2001 12:02 p.m.):
hold off on getting that radeon.
what For the Kyro II to retail.
then you'll have a bitching card, and save quite a few bucks.

I had decided on the Radeon simply because it seems to fit my needs. I always run in 32 bit, I do use my computer for more 2D than 3D, I do play games occasionally but am not interested in a fps comparison, and imo the Radeon produces much crisper screens than the Geforce.

I have read some posts about the Kyro II in the Video section but was wondering if you could post some links about it so I can read up on it. When is it going to be released?

Unless you really need it, I would gong the NIC. If you aren't networked, there is no need to have one, as you only slow down your boot sequence and tie up an IRQ.
There are better ram than the crucial pc133 cl2, the new Corsair pc150 cas2 are pretested and cost $99 plus shipping $9. Go to www.corsairmicro.com for more info if you haven't already got the crucial ram.