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Building my first box, help!

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Jan 6, 2001
I'm a newbie, so go easy! Here's what I'm planning but I will listen to any suggestions to the contrary.
FIC AD11 mb: Ali and VIA chipsets getting bad press
and ASUS doesn't allow multiplier settings.
1 gig 133fsb T-bird AXIA
128 or 256 mb crucial memory, (what's sufficent for win 98se?)
3d prophet 4500 (got great bang for the buck review)
Objectives: good gaming box and as future-proof as posssible (i.e. will support a Palomino upgrade some day).
Thanks for your expertise, Jumper
Not too familiar w/ FIC boards, but ther are lots of good ones out there ( Iwill, Asus, MSI and others.
As far as bad press, I ahve yet to see much on the negative side for VIA chipsets, as they are the benchmark.
T-Bird 1.33 Axia great choice.
You can't go wrong w/ Crucial memory, especially for the price.
Video card is okay - Radeon might be better bang for buck.
You really should do some homework and check as many reviews as possible ( don't believe one reviewer) and decide for youself.
www.anandtech.com has a nice review of the AD11 and compares it several other MB's.
I agree Crucial RAM is a solid choice and with today's price 256Mb is the way to go. (I have read that above 384Mb starts slowing things down.)
Geforce MX cards can be had for $75 and it seems that GeForce cards are becoming the card of choice and possibly more highly supported by games in the future.(IMHO)
Get a case with good cooling and at least 300W PS and a decent HSF. (I'm sure you already know this but it's worth repeating.)
Good Luck.
BTW do you jump squares or rounds nowdays.
The Forest Sevice (my employer) still jumps rounds but the BLM using the ram-air design. Both have their place but the square is the preferable chute. The KYRO II chipset is supposed to be on par w/a geforce 2 pro @ 2/3 the price, I guess I'll be a guinea pig. It's the motherboards that I'm the most confused about. Thanks for all your help.