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Building Render Machine - Intel Xeon 2694 v4 ?

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New Member
Apr 17, 2012
Hey All,

Long time since I've been around these parts... My last build was a 3930K 680GTX, and before that was a AMD Athalon 64 X2 + Dual 7800GTs

Putting together a Dual Xeon machine to use as a mobile render node. We do lots of editing / rendering on the road for tour visuals and events, and our MacPro's & iMacs are getting sluggish with the larger resolutions for the LED Wall's we're working with. We travel with a NAS and a 10GbE network so all editors / animators are working off the same source drive. Looking to build a machine that we can plug into the network and use a render node using render management software such as Deadline. That way animators can submit jobs over the network to the render node and continue working while it renders away in the background

Build will consist of:

2 x E5-Xeon's (Looking at 22-Core 2694v4 and the 18-Core 2697-v4)
Asus X10PE-D8 Motherboard
256GB Ram
3 x Nvidia Titan Tesla's
Dual Port 10GbE Network Card
BlackMagic Ultrastudio 4K Extreme PCI Card

In a rackmount enclosure, then put into a portable flight rack case + rackmount LCD monitor. Nice and compact for quick deployment

I've been poking around the latest intel Xeon offerings and was settling on the 2697v4, but then noticed some 2694v4's floating around that are a bit cheaper and seem to be new server pulls of OEM chips identical to the 2699s, but I can't find much information about them floating around.

Was wondering what your guys's thoughts are on these chips, and if it would be a safe move to make to go with the 2694 over the 2697. A lot of the sellers have a good reputations it seems, and I'd be purchasing with a company AMEX so would have great buyer protection on that front.

Thanks all!!