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bumping our google ranking

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Senior Toilet Scrubber
Jan 16, 2001
Rosemount, MN
If you search Google for [email protected] we don't appear on the front page but a few competitors of ours do. Now I'm not a genious on how google works because i cant even seem to get my own dang site in there but I think if we increase linkage to our site it wil boost our rating in the engine and possible get more folders. either that or google bomb it. :)

So if you have a website then please link our team page. I put up this generic message on my message board. You can use it if you want. maybe thrown in a few extra team 32's into the mix.

Folding at Home is a Stanford project that researches why proteins misfold and cause genectic diseases. Home computer users can lend there assistance to the project by allowing Stanford to crunch numbers with their PCs. The amount of work each volunteer's computer contributes is compiled at Stanford. Teams of volunteers can be formed for competition.

My Team (Overclockers.com) consists of over 1000 active volunteers. We are one of the top contributors to the project and we would like it if you would lend your assistance. More information can be found on our website.

Overclockers Folding @ Home Project

Overclockers Folding Forum.

Stanford [email protected]


Apr 15, 2003
Detonation Boulevard, UK
Bit more about how Google works - if the search word is in the page title or URL then you get higher ranking, also if you link to other highly ranked sites then you're considered a reliable source and so you get higher - i.e. make sure you link to Stanford! Meta tags have no effect on Google, not sure that the number of word repetitions does either, and spamming by repeating over and over definitely gets you banned.

Hope this helps!