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Burn in is a simple method of acheiving a higher overclock. Some say that it works for them, some say that it has worked for them, some say that it does nothing, I personally believe that it works. I guess its kinda like wearing in a new shoe. To do this, just get a CPU intesnive program ( 3dMark2K1, Unreal Tourney) And run that rpgram for like 2 days straight.
Well the majority of overclockers do believe in it and it has worked twice for me.

The whole idea is to run your CPU hard i like to run Seti. Also all CPU's will burn in at a different rate some may take up to a month some a few days so i run Seti in the background atleast i'm doing something useful [its not as boring as some of the others] if your interested come check us out in the Seti forum. OK back to burn in what you want to do is run your CPU at default speeds but raise your CV some [where you want to run at when your done] but you must make sure that your temps are fine do not get your CPU hot doing this or you could take backwards steps, then run a program as Jeff said or Seti and after a couple of days or weeks try and see if you have made any gains in your overclock. One note there are many ways to burn in so how i mentioned is not written in stone, so another way which i have done is just to overclock your PC to where it is stable run Seti in the background and then after any given amount of time try for a higher overclock. Ive done both ways on this CPU [in sig] and both worked first when my CV was at 1.9 and then again when it was at 2.05.
Personally, I'm in the minority of overclocker that think burn in is complete crap.

It's not like breaking in an engine. It's the total oppostite. Overclocking will cause errosion of the traces inside the CPU, the faster you run it, the faster it will erode. I believe that it will not give you gains on your clockspeed. If you can hit a certain speed to perform your burn in, you should be able to hit that speed anyways without it. Upping the voltage for a burn in, in my opinion doesn't accomplish anything but heating up the CPU, and we already know that CPUs run better cold.

Some people swear by it. But not me.