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BurnBX vs. Prime95

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Senior Member
Dec 18, 2000
I can run Prime95 all day and never see a temp above 35c. This goes with just about all CPU stressing proggies. But if I run BurnBX my cpu jumps instantly into the mid to high 40's. Could this be right? Can BurnBX really be that much more intense? Or is it just some kinda fluke?

I am running a p/// 700 @ 903 1.95v and a cele II 633 @ 1030 1.95v water cooled, and I have about the same results.
If you are just interested in stressing the cpu, there are much better programs than Prime95. For Duron and Tbird enthusiasts, the is burnk6.exe. It blows away any other program for stressing the CPU, but I do not know how much or how well it tests the actual data coming into and going out the cpu.

or even try running burnp6 it is even harsher in p95 i avaerage 42 underload and p6 i get 46-47
I have run BurnMMX burnP5, burnP6, and BurnK6. None of them are as severe as BurnBX on my systems. All of which use the BX chipset.

So once again, do you think that it is real, the temp I see when running BurnBX? No other stresser makes it go that high.
if you do prime on prority 10 it should do pretty well to stress the hell out of a cpu

plus if you go to prime.log it will tell you if you had any sumout problems ( that means hardward is unstable at that speed)