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Burning in a HS

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Mar 29, 2002
I'm new to the whole overclocking thing, but i've been reading about the do's and don't and i have one question.

I've seen other people mention "Burning In" after they've mounted the HS on the cpu with ASII.

What exactly does that mean????
it means that they are basically breaking in a processor by making it work at 100% for an extended period of time to get the extra mhz out of it people my use folding@home(me) or prime 95, when i burned in my processor i used both. i think it helps
so an i correct in that burning in has nothing to do with setting the thermal compound?

as i understand it, your burning in to heat up the processor to gain a few mhz on a benchmark.
ASII needs to be burnt in at load for a day or so to take a set.
That may be what they were refering to. According to everything I have read and what I have seen in my experience after a short burn in time you'll see your best temps with arctic silver.
hey thanks randy, peppy.

well you learn something everyday!!!

i'll post more questions when i get my parts in

trying to build

P4 1.8a
thermaltake volcano 7+
good case cooling

i'm sure i'll need help along the way

thanx a bunch for the info.