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Burning MP3

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Jan 22, 2002
well just have a little problem...don't really know where to post so i post where i am in the most in this o/c forum...which is here

Usually in a music cd, there are 2 or 3 seconds gap or silence at end of each track rite?....how do you delete that?...i meant i heard some musics cd that have on going to music....like those trance music cd...before the previous song ends that next song starts or blend in, in the background sound pretty cool...i have a PCDJ softwares that can do that but u gotta sit there and switch the song and beside when u actually have it on cd u can't change the tracks for the fact that there is only one...so if you are using PCDJ and record the songs that way then u can only hear it one way from first to last song...while other method that i don't know have normal function where u can jump tracks but still no gap between each song...

does this sound unreasonable, complicated or ridiculous?...
hope some of you can help....
thanks in advance
Ya, the new winamp 3 has a crossfader that starts the next song before the last is done. It does sound awesome.

the only way you could do it on a regular cd is to use some kind of software to put the beginning of the next song on the end of each previous and have them fade. But then you couldnt shuffle the tracks.

Im sure DJs you hear at a club have equipment that starts playing the next track most likely from another cd while the song is ending.

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