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burning out motherboard headers?????!!

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Dec 18, 2000
i guess i heard that you can burn out the motherboard header if you connect the Delta 38cfm fan to the motherboard

they said to use a 3-4 pin adapter instead...
now i have my delta just attached to my mobo
is this true about the burning out of the mobo headers?

can anyone shed any light on this?
is the adapter really necessary?
or does this just go for older mobo's?

Yes you can burn out the headers by hooking up a big fan. Another thing that can happen is stability problems when trying to overclock prob because of the power drain. Be smart and hook that Delta up the right way!
There are new MBs that are rated for the Delta fans. The VP6 for one- it's rated at 4W on each header. I run a pair of Deltas on 2 different ones.

I too have the KT7A and figured if it can monitor 7000rpm fans then the headers would be rated to handle such fans, but I was unwilling to take a chance.

Anyone know for sure if the headers are rated for the Delta's?
A Delta or any other high rated fan will probably run for a while on your mobo headers. There just isn't any guarantee as to how long they'll last. I have had over 6 mobo fan headers burn out over the last year, so now I don't even use them. All my fans are run through a fanbus, hardwired into the PSU. This way I know that when the PSU works, so do all my fans.
I burnt out both my (since dead) BH6's mobo headers by hooking up way too powerful fans. The first was a 120mm I was trying out for a mate, that killed my case fan header.

My delta killed my CPU fan header. Get a 3-4 pin adaptor, pull the RPM monitor wire, place it where it lives on the mobo, and you have the best of both worlds, RPM Monitoring, and no chance of damaging the mobo headers.