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buy a 478 3.4 Extreme Ed. or stick w/ my 3.4 pressie + consider phase change?

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Nov 12, 2004
I just saw a 3.4 EE on "auction site name placed here!" and was wondering if it would be more worth my while to consider throwing down piles of dough on a used 3.4 EE or consider throwing down twice as much and going phase change.

Having troubles hitting 3.9 or more, currently locked around 3860; 227x17 @ 2-3-2-5

Prescott 3.4 @ 3860 (currently) on Abit IC7-MaxII under an XP90C, 28 Fans in all; 1GB OCZ Plat Rev.2, BFG 6800Ultra @ 455MHz, 2x36Gb Raptors (in O) & 2x250GB Hitachi's (Raid1) w/Aerocool HB101s, 1 Double Stack Epson 3.5 & 5.25 floppy drive, NEC16X DL DVD-R, ThermalTake Butterfly 475W for lights and fans, and OCZ PowerStream 520W for system and HD's

Pics here:


Contributing Member
Nov 17, 2002
HAHAHA at the popcorn idea!

i would skip both the phase change and the EE, sell the current mobo/cpu (perhaps ram and videocard) and get on either a P5WD2 or a AS8 and a 6xx cpu and clock it to 4.2+ on air. might as well use all that airflow for something!

btw, that is a kickass case. homemade i presume? do you have any blueprints, or did you make it off the top of your head?


Nov 20, 2005
I would go with the above idea, and maybe get an LGA775 Board where you can get faster CPU's than the 478. Thats an interesting case


Oct 18, 2004
what are your temps at those speeds? you don't need phase change to hit 4ghz with that chip just the right stepping.