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Buy used i7-4770K or new i5-6600K?

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Sep 3, 2001
I am looking for a low buck desktop solution. The Haswell system is used, the Skylake system I would build myself. Built many systems in the past so it's no big deal.

Haswell System, used $400
Asus Z87 Pro (can do SLI/CF)
500w PSU

Skylake System, new $542
Asrock Z170 ProS (no SLI/CF)
No HDD (I have 500GB SSD)
750w PSU

The purpose is that I simply want a desktop to play with and try different things. I have a GTX 690 and I know it's limited by the 2GB VRAM per GPU but I have considered getting another and SLI "just because" even though a 1070 would make more sense. I am kinda leaning towards the Haswell system. I know that Skylake is newer. For gaming I don't think I will notice one bit of difference.

I have one GTX 690 already that can go in either system although the 500w PSU is getting close to running out of wind.

What say you?
Go with the i7-4770k system. The i5-6600k isn't even in the same league. You may be constrained with that 500w PSU so take the money you save and buy a beefier one if you end up needing it, you will still have a better system than the Skylake i5 system.
Thanks for the reply.

I was thinking the same thing about the power supply.

Can you clarify on the performance differences? I have read that hyper threading can actually cause some issues while gaming.
Can you clarify on the performance differences? I have read that hyper threading can actually cause some issues while gaming.

HT causes some games to be a little (a few fps) slower because most games only use up to 4 cores and it uses resources to pretend its an 8 core, but it's mainly in single player heavy duty games like Crysis 3 or Far Cry 4. You will see a big boost in multiplayer games (and games that use more then 4 cores) and multitasking though, so overall HT ON is best.

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My thoughts...

A QUALITY 500W PSU will not hold you back. The 690 is a 300W card. The CPU is 84W (both stock). So you are good there and even on pushing the CPU a bit. :)

Since you said gaming, there isn't really a need for HT (see Kenrou's link about some potential pitfalls). I would get the 6600K system personally.. I would still ditch the 690, never get a second, and get a 1070 if you want a new toy. With that, you can also get a 500-550W PSU too instead.. and perhaps a slightly better motherboard.

I don't know, I would just build new. What is your budget? Perhaps we can put a more attractive option together for you...
I was sorely tempted by the used system because it's ready to go except for the video card for $400.