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Buying a netbook for the misses for christmas.

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Aug 19, 2008
My misses wants a netbook for christmas. I can't decide on what to get her though. I have been looking at two options. The first option is rather expensive and its the Samsung N510-4B. It's a bit pricey and she isn't to sure if she wants me to spend that much money on it. I think she actually just wants more than just a netbook but anyways. The other is the HP Mini 311-1000NR. Both have the Ion LE graphics. Basically I want her to be able to play HD video files. I have all my blu rays and other DVD's backed up onto some HDD's and I want her to be able to hook up and play when she goes on her road trips to competitions with her family. Down side to the HP is that the ram that comes with it is soldered(sp?) to the board. So I can only upgrade one slot. Which sucks. Max I can have is 3 gbs of ram then. So does anyone have any advice on an equal or better alternatives or are these two basically the best I can get for this price? Just don't want to buy a POS and have her on my case.


Senior Member
May 10, 2009
I don't have any Ion experience, but i don't know of any netbooks with more then one ram slot. Some don't have any slots for extra ram.
Personally i really like the concept of a no-moving-parts netbook, hence my choice of a dell mini-9. No hdd to die if i drop it (and i have), no cooling fan to make noise and require cleaning, no nothing.
The downside is that i kinda doubt it'd do HD video well with a GMA950. Not that the screen can do HD anyway, now that i think about it (1024x600).
I would check out notebookreview.com, they are generally an OK bunch and i haven't found any more knowledgeable notebook/laptop/netbook forum anywhere.


May 28, 2009
Maybe the Acer AS1410-2285 or Gateway ec1435u with the su2300 dual core processor will work, although the video card is only a 4500MHD.

They both have the same specs, same company (acer owns gateway), only a different design.


Here is a youtube video with the acer 1410 playing HD video.

I think both versions (gateway & acer) come in black, red, and blue.


Dec 16, 2009
Between the two you posted, I'd go for the HP Mini. But if it were up to me, I'd get the Acer AS1410-2285.


Nov 28, 2001
I'll throw in my vote for the Acer. I have that model and can attest that it is capable of playing back full 1080p material via hardware acceleration just fine. Its the reason I went with that model in the first place, because I wanted to be able to view HD material without having to first re-encode it to something the system can handle. And as others have stated, the CPU has more oompf then the Atom. I can actually run Aion and L4D on it (albeit at the lowest settings and only around 15fps avg), and can play plenty of emulators on it just fine. Battery life on it is great too.