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Buying New Mobo And CPU

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Mar 6, 2002
Derby UK
Been kind of out of the loop for a bit on whats good and whats not. My MSI K7D died recently (well, a long time ago now) and I need a replacement...

At risk of this possibly turning into an Intel AMD war... No, I am not after a specific platform, but I am looking at *cheap*.

I need a mobo and cpu, and possibly ram if the FSB is more than the 266 DDR rate. I know I am looking at the kind of Barton range, and am not looking for overclocking abilities, shock horror, I havent overclocked in AGES. What I am looking for is bags of stability.

I am not interested in S-ATA, no drives of that kind, and wont be buying any anytime soon. Onboard LAN is a plus, not a necessity.

And it must fit inside a Lian Li 65 (yes, I've seen mobos that cant fit in this). Cooling is sorted if it is a socket A mobo, because I have two SLK800's spare.

So, help me, it is my birthday soon, and I will be getting a little bit of money, but not lots, and I might have to supplement it with my own money, which there isn't a lot of either. You know your limitations :) Go find me something! (Yes, I don't have a lot of time either...) If, you have several ideas, throw them all into your post, don't hold back, except for the flames...


Senior Moment
Jan 12, 2001
Kansas, USA
AMD Barton mobile 2600+ and Abit NF7. Not the cheapest by any means, but inexpensive, good overclocker, relatively fast, and high quality. Very good bang for the buck.


Aug 27, 2002
With the combo batboy suggested you are looking at hitting 2.5ghz pretty easily. My 2600 does 2.5 with 1.65v, which is a desktop barton's stock voltage. You will need PC3200 though, and ram is pretty expensive right now.