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C-1 stepping chips really better than B0?

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Oct 15, 2002
Hi Guys!
Just as many others I wait for the lower clocked C-1 chips(1.8A,2.26B,2.4B) to appear before I build my new system.
The common opinion is that C-1's have much more overclocking potential than the B0's. Everybody says, that it should be no problem to hit 3.0+GHZ with the C-1's.
However as I look through the overclocking data base and through different forums I see alot of C-1's which are not overclocking well.

My questions:

1. Why does everybody think the C-1's will be such great overclockers although you can see that they are usually not better or worse than the B0's? Is there a reason to assume that C-1's are good overclockers?
2. Are the B0's in fact better?
3. Will the 1.8A and 2.26B ever be released with C-1 steppings?
4. Is there a B0-Chip which is likely to hit 3.0+GHZ?

P.s.: Dont tell me to look for that stuff in the OC-Database. Because it is a mess. You never now if the entries are the highest OC which could be achieved with a certain chip. You never know if the stated speeds were really stable. There are alot of entries with OC-speeds which are in fact lower as the rated speed of the chip and these entries make the "Average OC-Number" wrong.

Thanx in advance, XBTC!


Jul 15, 2002
1. generally the newer the stepping the better, after all why not release a B0 stepping 2.8ghz chip? Because the C1 stepping is meant to scale better than the B0
2. Probably not, although on occasion you will get a cracking B0
3. Yes, soon
4. The 2.53 would be the best B0 chip to reach this speed, or some 2.26B's are meant to be good

I agree the ocing database is pretty bad at the mo, and you dont know if its stable overclocks. For the record my C1 stepping 2.50 will do 2.8 100% stable at default on my BG7, but cant get it stable at 3ghz in Prime95, although it will do all benchmarks at 3088mhz
Look here for benchies, although I must remind you its not Prime95 stable at this speed, I think it will need 1.85v pin modded to be stable at 3ghz, however I am reluctant to do this yet


New Member
Oct 31, 2002
As I know, B0 steppings are not all good to do overclock. But you may easily reach 3.0Ghz on C1s. You may find the C1 stepping's chips at www.atacom.com . They list C1 CPU on their website.