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C:|Debuglog.log - Windows Shut Down

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May 3, 2002
England, UK
This is really starting to annoy me. Whenever I shut down my PC, it pauses / takes ages and then comes up saying "Program not responding C:|Debuglog.log" and I have to click the "End program" button.

I can't find this program on my hard drive, it doesn't flag anything on AV or spyware (Adware and S&D)

Any one got any ideas how to get rid of this?



Sep 16, 2001
The debuglog is not whats causing your problem it is just reporting it. You can try to trobleshoot this by using your task manager(rclick the taskbar and look) when you get this and see what is running under either applications or processes and systematically closing out open programs or processes and shutting down after you close them one at a time. If you close one and shut down and still get the error, then it is not that program. If you close one and shutdown and no error, you should suspect that program. See if you can repeat the clean shutdown with that program disabled or uninstalled. This is just a first step that may work.