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C++ or Java

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Apr 7, 2002
I wanted to take C++ this semester, but they are only offering the advanced course, so my only option is Java. I have never taken a programming course, but I am a quick learner. Should I wait to take C++ before I take Java, or can I just take Java this semester? Thanks.
ya you should be fine...java isint that much more differant than c++, and frankly might even be easier to learn (basic stuff anyways)

You said do the easier course. Do you mean wait until next semester to take the beginning C++, or take the Java course that is offered this semester?
they areabout 90% the same.... ive never once did anything in java but i can program in C++ and when my friend does java i know pretty much everything he is doing
Yeah it probably won't matter much, once you get one in your head, the others easy. I'd go with Java personally, just cause I like it more than C.
I would have to agree it probably doesn't really matter which you learn first since there so similar. But java has features which prevent you from making some bonehead coding errors... :p
Thanks for all the responses. I will take the Java class next semester. I am really excited to learn a programming language. What types of projects should I expect in the class? Is Java only used to program web pages and internet applications?
Nope like any other prog language you can program just about anything with it, games, progs, etc. And nope its not used for only web pages and internet apps. Intro classes usually have you program reaally simple programs like a grade calculator. In more advance to intermediate classes you'll probably start coding up things like full scales games. As you learn more data structures and the syntax of the language all the full will begin. Word of advice... get the basics down pat asap, as with any language all the concepts are built on top of each other. And good luck in your programming endevours!! :D
Needitcooler said:
Is Java only used to program web pages and internet applications?

no you can program anything with it, like dos and windows programs. You can probably expect to make things like a Tic-tac-Toe game, naughts and crosses, maybe an internet chat program depending what they teach you.
Another benefit of taking the Java course: the sooner you learn how to program in any language, the more experience you will have, and thus the better. Learning to think like a programmer is the content; the rest is mostly syntax and tricks. ;)

Good luck! -- Paul