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c/w and "theoretical" temperatures

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New Member
Jun 13, 2001

if I have the rough c/w for a heatsink , the watts output by my cpu and an accurate measurement of ambient temperatures - I can work out a "theoretical" temperature.

BUT - is this theoretical temp

-max load - ie what I would get running BurnK6
-loaded - what Prime or folding might give
-an average
-the lowest / idle temp

The reason Im asking is that my actual and theoretical are off - the actul is quite a bit higher - no matter what the heatsink tested.

Er, may I ask how exactly did you calc your theoretical temperature? Did you take account of the ambient temperature, fan airflow? BTW, your mobo temperature readings are not very accurate, so either your mobo's temp diode could be off a bit or your temp estimation by calc could inaccurate.
Im taking the c/w from reviews and the manufacturers

Thermosonic Thermoengine with Delta = 0.25
Swiftech MC462 with Delta =0.16

Taking the ambient temperature from approximately 1' away from the fan intake (with the case open). This is with an accurate digital thermometer.

My cpu is at 1533,1.96v = 98.9 watts

Therefore I should be able to work out the cpu temperature.

As for the onboard sensors - I dont use them anymore. I fitted a thermistor to the sidewall of the cpu slug and it is plugged into a digital thermometer. I checked its accuracy before fitting it with 2 other thermometers - but I only checked it up to 65'c (70 is the max reading it will show).

What I am thinking is that the "theoretical" temp given by c/w and watts is totally dependant on WHAT the person who prints the c/w was doing at the time they worked it out.

I have been using BurnK6 to find my load temps because without a doubt it gives the highest temps of any benchmark / test app.