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Cable d/l speed problem.

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Jul 24, 2002
As of Sunday, my newer computer has been d/ling at 200ish kb/s instead of the typical 700 kb/s. Thinking it was my ISP, Charter Communications I didn't think much of it. However, my older computer that is on the same hub, was still able to d/l at 700kb/s.

I switched ports on the hub, yet I still recieved the same problem. I connected directly to the cable modem with my newer computer, same problem. I tried a shorter, different CAT5 cable, same problem. I release/renewed my IP numerous times. I have also uninstalled/reinstalled tcp/ip.

After doing these and still having no resolution I called tech support. They did what they could but we have determined that the problem is on my end, since my other computer is still d/ling at normal speeds.

Getting desperate, I deleted the partition on my harddrive and did a fresh install of Win2k Pro, and I STILL have the same problem. I also re-seated and relocated my network card.

The only possible explanation is the VIA drivers I downloaded sunday night. Could they have cause problems with my connection? How can I fix this?

Help is appreciated in advance. :D

System Specs:
Asus A7V33
AMD Athlon XP 1900+
256mb PC-2700 DDR Samsung
MSI G4 TI4400 300mhz/620mhz

If you need any other information, please let me know. I'm downloading (although slowly) the service pack updates as we speak.
With all the stuff you tested it could be 1 or a combination of 3 things:

1)The CAT5 cable you used going from your new computer to ____.

2) Your NIC.

3) a driver issue with your NIC and OS.

what nic is it that you're using? if it's onboard the performance youll get won't be the greatest.

im kind of curious what youre transfer rate would be going from 1 comp to another with a X-over cable.

Sounds like it might be down to default packet sizes being changed on TCP transfers maybe?... Or your PCI settings / latency / IRQ.
Oh, and ucfswimmer, you'll get whatever datarate your NIC is capable of when transfering between two computers. What onboard NIC's have given you problems? On the server boards that I've used the onboard NICS with, they've always been fine.
Sunday you installed new drivers, Sunday you get a network issue. Roll em back and see what happens. It can't hurt.
For those interested, it started working normal again today, it was on their end. *******s.