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Cable modem fried?

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Dec 14, 2001
Ok, I'm having some trouble with my Cable modem. It just started happening, every other day the internet stops working, from the lights on the modem I can see its trying to connect( not because of an ISP outage). Every time this happens I have to disconnect the power for about 5 min and when I power it back on it connects in less than 15 seconds and everything is working fine. Also other weird things happen like when I move it sometimes it just turns off. I have had some problems in the past and I think the problem maybe from powering it on and off too many times. Tell me what you think but my guess is its half fried.
I had a modem do that once. Some power lines came down and send a small charge through the co-ax to the modem. Least that what I think it was. I called my cable company (my modem was supplied by them) got it replaced and all was well.
Yeah that was my guess. Thanks for the response. I'll try to get it replaced asap.