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Cable Rouder

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Apr 8, 2003
Lancaster, PA
I was woundering if a cable rouder is nessercay for a home network with 7 computers on it? The network dose work and all computer share files with each other fine, it been running for about 2 weeks now. I am planing on connecting the cable modem directly to the hub, i am running two hubs on this network.


Frustrating Senior SETI Nut!
Dec 9, 2002
CA- Not far from the Allen SETI array
I think a hub sends the signal to all devices that are attached, just like a big echo chamber. They work, but not efficiently.

A router or switch will send the signal only to the device that it is intended for, thus eliminating data collisions and improving throughput and efficiency.

Given the choice, I'd go for a switch instead of a hub.


Aug 18, 2002
You will most likely need a cable router. Most cable companies only give you one IP address, or will usually complain if you just use a hub.


Jan 14, 2003
For security get a router. If that doesn't concern you, get a switch. I like both. Router for security and a switch for dedicated bandwith to my nodes.


Gloriously Lead, Overclockix Chief Architect
Sep 26, 2002
Indianapolis, IN
since you are most likely going to only have 1 ip address from your isp, i would use a router. that is simply because i think it would be the smartest thing to do for a couple reasons:
1.) security. a router has a hardware firewall built in to keep your network secure.
2.) always up. unlike ics in windows, you do not need to have a single computer runnning to provide internet connection share like you would with a switch.
3.) easy to use and setup. it is simple to network a number of computers. just plug em in and they're ready to go.

see, a switch wouldn't work for what you are trying to do since you need to share the internet connection. you'd get problems with the computers fighting over the cable modem. only 1 would probably be able to connect at a time. at least that is what happens when i try it here...


Mar 29, 2003
The best router is the least expensive one!
I saw a BEFSR41 in the classifieds for like 40.00
I have seen some for 65.00 NEW.