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Cable sharing

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Nov 1, 2001

This is a real simple one for ya.

I have 2 P.Cs and I have broadband 512kbs through NTL and I am networking the two P.Cs just using direct Peer-Peer, and I want to internet share!

Can any one point me into the right direction for a step by step on how to do it!


Lord Moreira

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Jul 29, 2002
under what operating system?
and the other thing is if u don't have a router ,1 of ur pc's will need a second nic card and also either a crossover cable or a cheap hub
all for now...
i would go with the hub for future machines and it's much cheaper then a router :)
nic 10\100 7buks
4port hub 14buks
cat5 cable\s cheap cheap

Router 80\100buks :eek:
and all the other port opening closing hassle after from built in firewall


Nov 1, 2001
Im using XP Pro, The main machine that will have direct internet access is the one that im on now, and gets to the internet via USB so, I should be able to link the two P.Cs together using Peer-Peer and then tell the other P.C to look at thins one to get internet connection.


Senior Member
Jun 12, 2001
Port Charlotte, Florida
You can use the Internet Connection Sharing built in to XP. However, the host computer will need to be turned on anytime you need to use the internet on the guest computer.

Get a router. They are cheap and easy to setup now a days and will take the hassle out of ICS.