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cache size at night

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Set the cache to 50 or so, then you got lots of work units if berkely goes down. Or use someones queue server, such as mine :)
augustwest said:
what do you mean use your queue server? im new to the seti thing. i just started today. hence all the questions.
http://forum.oc-forums.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=67855 queue link

I would set it to around 50 if you are going to crunch 24/7. If only running while you serf or whatnot then set it to 10 or so, if you have cable/dsl click autotransmit if not you will have to manually click the transfer button while online. Bu\y the way you download the data crunch it and then upload the results you are not constantly using bandwidth
SETIQueue is a server that cache WU for it's user.

in SETIDriver, choose Proxy Server, then enter the server's address in Host, and Port.

after set up, all ur WU will upload/download to that server instead of directly to Berkeley. u WILL still get ur credit! they just act as a middleman in case berkeley is down.

u can find our team's Queue server in the sticky thread "anyone need WU?"

crunch on!! ;)
Yes, it should be at 1, unless you have a multi processor computer ie. dual xp2000 or quad xeon or something like that. If you just have a regular ol computer, set it to 1.
augustwest said:
i have broadband so it is not a problem. i have the number of processes set to one. should it be like that?

You could have a couple oc3s but when berkeley goes down you won't be able to send or recieve anything from them. That's why we have queue servers setup for the team and anyone else that wants to use them. If you point your clients to a queue server while berkeley is doing ok then when they do go down you won't be scrambling around trying to find that thread again with the queue servers listings. One more thing, when berkeley goes down, and new users jump on a queue server, it kinda sucks cause we have to manually go in and add your wus since berkeley can't fill your queue. While we don't mind this, we'd rather people use them while everything is going smoothly to cause less headache during the bad times.

Welcome to OCSETITEAM and Happy Crunching!!!