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CAK38, Noise Control Silverado or Fop32/38??

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Jun 22, 2001
If i use a Tbird1.2GHz(266) and o/c to around 1.4 then which of the following fans do u suggest me to buy??
I want the most quiet as well as good

Noise Control Silverado
FOP 32
FOP 38
or any otha suggestions??
Of the 3 you mention..the CAK38 will most likely give you the best performance. Noise Control is nice but the quiet fan system yields higher temps. It's a nice quiet system if your not gonna oc that much.

I'm running a Duron 750 @ 1Gig on a CAK so I'm obv. a little partial...but it's working for me. T-Bird's put off more watts though so...I'd say a solid copper sink would probably work best.

Be sure you have good case air circulation. The copper variety of sinks retain heat and turn into a little oven...at least the CAK does. Good luck
if noise bothers you...the FOP 38/CAK38 have been compared to hair dryers.

If you want fairly quiet with good cooling, get a WBK series HSF. Then, buy an 80mm fan, and mount that on it instead (remove the stock fan). It should give you good performance, at acceptable sound levels.

i myself have never done this, tho i intend to w/my next system
hmm, well i dont think the Silverado is available in the US. The globalwin hsfs all have awful clips. The Glaciator is a great hsf with a good clip. The thermoengine looks to have a good clip and gives good numbers. The best clips are on the Vantec hsfs, and they give numbers on the Fop38 scale.
out of those id go w/ the cak just for cooling power. but... my personal fave atm is the mellenium glaciator. as william said, the clip is nice. installed one for a friend and it is 10x easier than the fop clip! id check that out before you pick one of the ones you named.