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call of duty help

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Jun 21, 2003
Cincy! Go BENGALS!!
I don't understand the mods thing. Isn't it unfair if one person has a mod that makes the thompson more powerful but the other person doesn't? It's confusing too b/c there are several mods so one person might have a damage mod for weapons while the other may have accruacry mod! Besides i thought they called these things patches. When I went to www.CODfiles.com i was expecting something like BF1942 is to DC as COD is to xxxxx. So are you not suppose to DL the mods and let the server put it on cause it's a server side File or what? man i'm confused! And while i'm at it, are there any mods to make the ADS feature better. I mean you can;t even see your enemy when u ADS cause the sights are in the way. I want a bigger zoom and the Sights to take up like half the picture! So then i can actually see things thru the sights and not have to spot the enmey, then aim at him, and then ADS!!! Also are there any actual mods? like CS is to HL. Could you point me to a site that has all the info on all the mods? thanks in advance
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Mar 11, 2002
No Mods work on the servers that don't support them. If they do, maybe "cheating" is a more suitable name.