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can a damaged processor burn the mainboard ?

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Jan 22, 2017
hi everyone
i bought old processor with cheap price (intel E6550 - core 2 duo - 2.33 GHz)
and he look good from outside but i'm not sure he work or not "the owner said he work great"
but u know u cant trust 100% , and i'm afraid if he would burn my old mainboard (M900T-M2)
i cant risk with my old mainboard cause i need it to cover my overPressure on my work

- as u know they both support each other same LGA socket

-->> now the question is :
if this cpu is damaged can he burnt my motherboard ?

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No. The only thing that would happen is you'll get beeps and the machine will not boot into desktop.

Is there any damage you cen see under the cpu like burn marks or scratches on the little pads?
Can't tell from photos but is there any physical damage? Scratches on the IHS are cosmetic. I wouldn't 100% rule out damage possibility. A short in the wrong place might in theory lead to burnt traces, but it is extremely unlikely unless something is seriously wrong.
thanks Nebulous & mackerel ,
as i see there is no burn marks but some Scratches
there is a good picture i make it just now u can see them :

and couldn't see them with my eyes only the camera zoom show them
Makes you wonder what they were doing to it, but I don't see any significant risk there.
After the clean nothing realy changed but i I have noticed some deep Scratches i'm curious about :

1.jpg 2.jpg DSCF3533.JPG

they doesn't seems deep when u look at them with the regular eyes
but the camera spot them
I wouldn't be particularly worried about scratches like that. The danger to look out for is if there is something that might result in a short.
It looks like only the substrate is gouged a bit, but there's no visible track there. As long as the two pads aren't shorted it isn't of particular concern.
Yup. Doesn't look like anything severe. Try it and see. Like I stated, the worse case scenario the board will just beep.
What the heck were they doing with it, using it as a door stop or something?
Alot of it looks like something that applied too much pressure to the cpu in the socket. Though the top is heavily scratched and a few dents seem to be present too. Even the substrate has pieces chipped off around the edges. One of the resistors looked chipped too.
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