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Can A Pentium 4 1.4 gigahurtz with a Asus P4T Mobo Be OverClocked

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Yes it can... look here and here. These threads will give you an idea of what to do and expect :D

The most you'll get looks to be about 1862 MHz as the fsb only goes to 133. But hey... that's still a 400+ MHz improvment. Your gonna want to keep an eye on your temps though. What do you have for cooling?
im a newbie just starting 2 overclock i just got a basic cooling system : a fan wif my vid card and just a basic comp fan
ahhh crap? havent even tried over clocking and its at 50 degrees... can i hav some tips on cheap cooling systems and if my mobo says 400FBS can i improve that or is that max?
The 400 part isn't exactly your processors FSB... the processor is on a 100 FSB... then it's multiplied 4 times to make 400 for the memory (RDRAM). P4's run pretty hot... things to improve airflow:

Move your IDE cables around... perhaps even round them or fold them in half and tape them so that air can move past them easily.

Add some more fans if you can... for every fan bringing air into your case... have another fan moving the air out (eg. one 80mm blowing in 50 CFM... one 80mm blowing out 50 CFM)

Use some fine sandpaper and smooth the bottom of your heatsink on your processor... and then put some thermal compound on the processor die before reattaching the heatsink... I'd recommend ArcticSilver 2 or 3. But you can also pick up cheap stuff at electronics stores.

FANS FANS FANS... or make the bold leap to watercooling... but for now just focus on airflow ;)