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Can an a8n-sli handle anything higher than pc3200?

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Feb 25, 2005
I asked the same question earlier today and the answer was Yes. However, for the money difference vs. the performance gains, it's not really worth it i was told. If you want memory, get 2x1GB sticks of some good ram. OCZ, Corsair are my favs. Get two sets if you want but really anything over 2GB is overkill unless youa re doing some SERIOUS crap with your computer.



Apr 29, 2005
A8n-sli what? Deluxe or Premium? Eh, anyway. I've had both. Deluxe will handle 1:1 1T up to about 240ish depending on ur luck. The premium will go up to around 330ish 1:1 1T.

Edit: Also...if you didn't mean over 3200 for oc'n...then yes it does...but check around and see what other people have been using in them, some people have said their boards are picky. I haven't had any issues with Patriot xblk 2 2 2 2x512mb (TCCD) 3200 which is rated to i think 275fsb (is that a 4400 rating?)(this is the ram i hit 330 with, as many others have as well[or at least very high...if not that high]). I've also used generic 2x512 Kingston 2700; Geil Value 2x512 2.5 4 4 3200; 2x1024 ocz plat 3200*; All of these without issue on the Deluxe* or Premium.

*-OCZ 2x1024 plat 3200 only tried in the Premium
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Feb 4, 2005
i ended up getting:
1 GB (2 pcs 512) DDR (550) PC-4400 Corsair (TWINX1024-4400C25PT)
never a problem. did i need this or could i have gone with pc3200, who knows? i paid $220 back in may. it wasn't much more than 3200, so i said what the hell... :shrug: