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Can anyone recomend a pelt

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Dec 20, 2001
What is the best pelt w/ HSF combo out there for the second rig in my sig. I also want to up the v-core to 1.75 and run the chip at 1.8 if possible.
Actually you might be able to get away with a 122 watt pelt since it will only be running around 90 watts if you have it on an ATX PSU. Aquastealth.com has the 122s for only $19.99 if your interested. Any top notch air cooler will do for this job. You really want something big like a swifty or one of thos huge alpha 8045s. If you can find a way to mount one of those monsters the 122 watt pelt will be ok. I wanted to use a 4 bolt AMD style waterblock on my celeron so I simply epoxied the 4 nylon posts to the slocket and it worked like a charm.
Bender said:
An 80 watt peltier with any good heatsink will do you just fine.

an 80w pelt will cool a XP cpu? i dont disagree, but all ive seen people say is you need at least 172w to cool one
Bender said:
Actually you might be able to get away with a 122 watt pelt since it will only be running around 90 watts if you have it on an ATX PSU.
Actually, It would be fairly easy to use a 120 Watt pelt, even if the pelt is putting out 120 Watts. I don't know the exact wattage of a Cely, but let's say fifty for nice numbers. My alpha/Delta 80 gets a thermal resistance of .19(According to Radiate). So the 120 Watt pelt + the 50 Watt CPU puts a load of 17 Watts on the CPU, bringing the Hot side temp up to 32 above ambient, which is an acceptable level. I'm sure better results could be acheived with the Swifty.

There is someone here(I don't remember the name) that is using an 80 Watt on an XP 1600 with fairly good results. I wouldn't do it on anything above a 1600 though, that's really approaching the limit.
So once I get one how am I going to hold down the HSF. Do I have to rig something up. I saw the swiftys with the litte clamps. Can I just buy the clamps somewhere?
You can try an SK-6 if you don't want to fuss with mounting. An SCCompucycle golden gate might even cut it if you want to go cheep. I'm shure you can figure out something for mounting a swifty or alpha 8045.
Ok the computer si running on a 250w PSU there is not enough room in there for another PSU, also the computer is primary for lans, so it cannot have any external crap on it either. Will 13A be good enough to run the 72 or the 122? Im not looking to go super cold. I want to run the chip at 1.8 with a 1.8 v-core hopefully. Im looking for temps around 35c load with 22c ambient. I can't figure out the delta t equations, thats why I dropped out of physics.
A 250 probably won't cut it. I had my celeron and 80 watt tec on a 250 and it ran fine but that was a really good sparkle psu. With 13 amps you should be ok with the 80 watt. If you want to run the 122 you really should get something a bit bigger.
Yea, you can probably pick up a 400 PSU off the classifieds for cheap and use both PSU's or something, or one seperately for the peltier.

I would recommend the new ThermalRight AX7 and a 122watt peltier :D

So I could use the 72 and be fine? Are there any PSU that fit in a 5" bay to power just pelts. Or where can I get a power supply designed to run at 12 volts and supply enough power, and fit in my cramped case?
i just got my svc golden gate today!!! and im happy with it!

i did lap it, i dont think it needed it that bad, but it was a little concave, and took a wile to lap it down, but now its all good

gettin 34idle and 38-40 load

wit 23c case temp and 28c mobo
Can I ask WTF the point of telling me that was. It has nothing to do witht he pelts. Besides those temps arent that great.