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Can anyone tell me how I can find out if my cpu is good for overclocking?

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AL Romero

Apr 24, 2003
There have been several of you that have told me to go with a 1700 but Im still not sure if I am willing to push things as far as you have to do with the 17's to get 2+gee's. I have seen that several 2100 owners have been hittin' 2+ghz and thats good for me but Im not sure if Ive got the same cpu or not. Where does it say...on the cpu somewhere or is it on the paperwork from the retail invoice? Cuz my invoice says (s/n11306368) and (mfg:45496221) and Im not to sure if this means anything.
AL :rolleyes:
the black sticker that says

for example :
AXDA1700DLT3C 984759250030
The only way to find out how good it is is to try it yourself. Just increase your FSB by 2-3mhz at a time. Just make sure your cooling is good enough to keep your temps down. You should be able to go directly to 166fsb and work your way up from there.

There are a lot more things to do to get a better o/c like increasing the voltages and RAM settings. I'm sure you've read about that too.
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Post your stepping...or the lines of code on that black sticker, and we will tell you if you have a good overclocking chip :p ;).