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Can I, and should I overclock my CPU? Is it locked?

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New Member
Dec 13, 2017
PC: HP Pavilion Elite hpe-112y
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 925 @ 2.8 MHz | Temp: Min-42C , Max-51C , Idle-48C (usually at 43C)
GPU: Radeon R7 370 OC @ 1.1 MHz | Temp: Min-56C , Max-81C , Idle-58C
Motherboard: FOXCON ALOE 1.01 w/ BIOS v. 5.05 | (Voltage + Temp screenshot) https://gyazo.com/7a677a38571652aa61c42c454b007889
RAM: 8gb ddr3 SDRAM

I have tried to overclock my CPU using AMD OverDrive but I couldn't seem to tweak some settings. It doesn't look like I'm allowed to because the blue sliding bar is grey, so I've looked through some settings and couldn't find anything to help. I've also searched around and found nothing. Heres a gyazo (screenshot) of what is looks like. : https://gyazo.com/fa8a1e106efb110c6e24bd1082723a25

I also tried the BIOS for OC but it looked like the same thing. Grey text, couldn't hover over the options to change them. It also doesn't look like there are any settings to unlock the ability to change them. So would it be safe to OC my cpu with the information I have provided? Thanks.


Jul 26, 2004
With pre built systems like dell,HP most of options are disabled .
Something like set fan might let you clock a bit.