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SOLVED Can I expect condensation?

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I am planning on running water blocks directly on top of my CPU's and cooling the water externally, will I encounter condensation problems?
depends on how cool the water is. i dont think the block itself would get condensation, but the hoses feeding it might
Fro (Apr 30, 2001 04:46 a.m.):
depends on how cool the water is. i dont think the block itself would get condensation, but the hoses feeding it might

Wasn't planning on anything major just enough to take the heat out of the system, maybe somewhere around ambient...
you will only get condensation if you use a peltier to cool the cpus. Other than that, you will not get your water hardly below ambient, so if you ambient is 20C then your water should be at lowest 20C, probably 30. Depends on how big your radiator is. But unless you go extreme, you will be fine!
Well, condensation occurs when the temperature of something is below the dew point and the dew point depends on the relative humidity. Now, when the ambient temperature reaches the dew point the water vapor in the air condenses out and you get rain, dew, or condensation. So, if it isn't raining in your room already or the walls aren't dripping with condensation then we can safely assume that the ambient temperaure is above the dew point. Anyway, if your water temperature doesn't go below ambient then you shouldn't have to worry about condensation. Also, if your only using straight water cooling (no peltiers) and your only using a heat exchanger cooled by ambient air, like a radiator, your water temperature shouldn't go below ambient. After all the radiator works by transfering the heat from the water to it's metals walls and on through to the outside air. Remember heat transfer only occurs from warmer objects to cooler objects. So, in order for the water to transfer heat to the radiator and eventually the air the air must be cooler than the water and once the water temperature starts to approach the ambient air temperature the heat transfer slows down and stops. So, with just a radiator which is cooled by air at ambient temperature your water temperature shoould never go below ambient and condensation shouldn't be a problem.
Thanks guys feel like an idiot now, I have obviously over looked the obvious.
No I not planning on running peltiers on the CPU's I was considering using one one the aluminium water tank but it probably wont happen.