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can i just superglue my home-made memory heatsinks?

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Jul 3, 2002
Cairo, Egypt
hi guys
i am still a newbie in cooling so please take some of your valuable time to help me
i want to make some heatsinks for my geforce 2 memory
i took one of those old heatsinks and cut it in 2 long pieces ready to cover two memory mod each
now my question being how can i stick them to their place
i can't get any of these fancy adhesive and grease and so on
so i want to know if generic super glue might work(or is it not good for thermal conductivity?)
or is there any other way to glue them on the mem without these epox,as3...... and so on
thx in advance for your time
make a mix of as3 and superglue and use that. the super glue alone isn't conductive enough to do much good. good luck :)
in the past when I moded a voodoo 3

I simply applied articsilver paste very very very thinly to bolth the
memory chip & the heatsink then with a q-tip I cleaned of a lil circle in the middel of the ram chip & the heatsink & put just a tiny tiny tiny drop of superglue & was able to OC THE V3 TO 180 mhz

also I had a few custom mounted fans ziptied to it as well

NICE Replys guyts but really...
i DID say i don't have epoxy or adhesive or as3 or even as1
i just asked if superglue will help and if i put some generic paste in the center will prove to be good
btw... what is a C Clamp?
my geforce 2 mx memory oc well already without any heatsinks
can i go further with these mods or will i only gain 5-10 mhz
if it is just that then it is not worth it imho
umm... no superglue will not do the job.
just go invest in some arctic sliver or arctic silver epoxy... its worth it.

if u cant do that... then get a very tight clip. that will do the job
One of the problems with using superglue is that it breaks down at high temperatures. If you superglue the ramsinks on, you might find them falling off a few months from now.
Oh, and I doubt your ram chips will get hot enough that the superglue will break down. Unless, that is, you insulate them with something like, oh I don't know, superglue...
Maybe the reason he has no access to arctic silver adhesive is that he lives in Cairo, Egypt and can't find anywhere that will deliver to him.
Goo Kenson ----> Bull's EYE :)
That is the reason
so i am depending on home-made things and regular non-fancy parts to do my work
thanx guys,reading this thread made me check my graph card as i supaglued my chipset heatsink on when the sticky pad failed,got hold of the heatsink,you guessed it it fell off,coulda fell on to my soundblaster causing shorts ect.time to get some AS epoxy i think.