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Can I overclock my comp?

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Apr 12, 2001
I am brand-spanking new to the overclocking scene and I need some help. I bought an IBM Aptiva (model 2163-580) with a pIII 450. I hear some off the shelf comps are close to impossible to overclock. Is this the case with my computer? If you want to check out all my system specs, follow the big *** link at the bottom. One more note, I have a Voodo5 5500 AGP.

Oh boy...

First off you have a computer that cannot easily be overclocked, because it's motherboard lacks a bios that allows for overclocking, namely the ability to change FSB and voltage. There used to be a program out there called softfsb, but it has been discontinued. That might be your only chance to do anything with your current system...

Secondly, you could buy a bx motherboard and likely a new case with powersupply and swap over your components, however the gains will likely be very limited. Most PIII 450s make it to 560, some go to 600 and few go beyond. This was hot 2 years ago, but nowadays, where we are approaching 1.5GHz systems it's not a good suggestion anymore, and really not worth much time and money.

If you really want to get into this hobby hang around here for a few days and follow some of the discussions. If you want to pursue a new system, then decide which board and which processor and what case to get. As a minimum I would expect not much less than 1GHz overclocked (eg a 700MHz PIII or TBird at 933 or above) . A good value are curently the AMD AXIA 1GHz processors which do 1GHz to begin with, but are likely to reach the 1.4GHz range if cooled appropriately.

You can likely swap all the other components over, but you will need a new case and a new powersupply 95W is not going to cut it in any overclocked system.

Good luck

So ok . . . with a name like Tex I gotta ask . . . where ya' from? Originally from "Bid D" here, but don't hold it against me. Austin's my transplant/adopted home turf. Just curious . . .
I'm originally from Richmond, TX, which is about 20 minutes southwest of Houston, but I go to school in Austin, Hook 'Em!
Yeah buddy! Hook 'em Horns! Man, I miss the Texas home turf. No place like it, I guarantee ya' . . .