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Can I overclock this?

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Dec 4, 2001
A friend has an old compaq (5222 Presario) that has a 380mhz AMD. I am assuming this is a K6-II. I read the user manual to find out that this board has jumper settings to increase the multiplier for higher mhz cpus. My question is, can this cpu be overclocked by the multiplier or are these cpu's locked somehow?
CPU is UNlocked

I believe the K-6 series is factory unlocked.
As far as "your friends" compaq.... it's a factory PC. Most do not have very much adjustment.

BUT ! if you brave to open it up and look inside......
Most older PC's have jumpers for adjusting the FSB.
Depending on the speed, some are set to 60mhz-FSB !
can easily be bumped to 66mhz!

Open it up and take a good flash light and can of compressed air.
(Hold ur breath !)
Look around some, looking never hurt a thing.
It's those pesky Gremlins ya gotta watch out for....

i had that same setup only with a 350 amd there arent any jumpers for adjustemnt of clock speed on it but wcpuid3 has the option to change the multiplier for a K6 CPU WHILE IN WINDOWS cpufsb might have a pll that works with the fsb of the motherboard to but i dont know for sure
yes u can OC this compaq i had a 5441 which has a GA-5SMN mobo , and a 475 mhz k6-2 cpu did 500 easy

did 560 but i had cooling probs

chip survived 3.2 vcore with stock cooling (2.2 is normal)

the thing did 133 fsb with 3.5 multi , but died after a week

i suspect cooling issues
coolling is the issue none of the k6 comps from compaq have anything more thasn a heatsink and it doesnt have a fan at all
ur voltage was wayyyyy too high i got a k6-2 333 up to 550 at 2.8 volts the high voltage causes the heat problems and death
Couldn't you just snag one of those Coolermaster athlon stock fans and throw it on there? That should be dirt cheap, and it would do more than sufficient cooling for all but the hottest of socket 7 processors.