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Can I run the Delta 38cfm 'black label' fans off my Motherboard Fan Headers?

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Can I run the Delta 38cfm 'black label' fans off my Motherboard Fan Headers?

Delta 60mm Ultra H.O. - 60mm - 25mm - 3 pin - 37.61cfm - 46.5dba - 6800rpm - 3.84watts - 0.32amps
I am thinking of getting two of these.
Right now I have the Alpha p3125s with 2x 60mm Sunons @
2.2 watts each off my fan headers.
I have an Asus P3V4X Motherboard.
I know they are loud, but that's ok.
i'm kinda asking if the wattage/ampage is too much for the headers to handle.
bum4evr (Aug 03, 2001 01:00 a.m.):
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bum4evr (Aug 03, 2001 01:00 a.m.):
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i don't reccomend using fan headers in a overclocked computer. buy an adapter to plug directly into your power supply. i lost a motherboard by doing exactly this. i bought a dual fan for my 370 cpu and plugged it into the header. zap! you need to worry about localized heat also. by adding fans you can increase heat in a certain area and this can cause circuit breaks. by plugging directly into the power supply you take the load off your motherboard. this is not a dumb question. i rarely see anyone mention this problem. it's a drag to lose a motherboard to a fan.
It does make sense to take a load off of the mobo for sure. A nice thing to learn is what your fan headers can take in terms of load. This does not change what was said earlier at all. Just when you run a delta which is basically the fastest fan for its size on the market I know of its better to be on the side of caution then lose a mobo. You think a Delta 6800 rpm moving 38 cfm is fast there is a 8k rpm Delta out that moves 50 cfm now that is a screamer and defintely not for the fan headers.

Most motherboards out there can't put that amount of draw on the fan headers. That Delta fan pulls 3.5 to 4 watts. Most motherboards can only handle a 3 watt draw.

Unless you are lucky enough to own an Abit VP-6 which can handle a 6 Watt draw off the motherboard fan headers.
I have an Asus A7v133 MB and the fan headers are rated at 4.2 watts, so I do have my Delta running off of it. But not all MB's are the same so the best thing to do is just the specs on your MB. I do know I'm unhooking the Delta from the MB as soon as I get a Digital Doc5.
anyone know what an asus p3v4x is rated at for it's fan headers?
So you are suggesting that the way to be on the safest side with your mobo
is to connect the fans to the power supply? I have 3 80mm fans @ about 0.15Amps, 2 40mm fans and 1 50mm fan all connected to the power supply.
is it OK?
Not at all. Just the Delta 38's. They draw to much power to safetly run on the motherboard headers.

Granted some motherboard makers are becoming hip to this and putting better headers in. But your normal fan isn't going to hurt the header, and not hooking them up isn't going to help your power stability of your motherboard. Remember, the motherboard is designed with draw on the headers in mind.