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Can I upgrade my videocard?

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Feb 6, 2002
Hi guys,

my system doesn't do it anymore, I can't play most of the current games anymore. So I thought about buying a new Gfxcard, because I can' t afford buying a new system. :confused:

I am not sure, if it is a solution just to buy a new gfxcard, e.g. 9800Pro? I am aware that my system won't tap the full potential of the card, but as long as I can play the game I am happy :)

What would you suggest? What would you do?



Jan 10, 2004
yes you would notice a diff between the geforce3 and a 9800pro. another thing is to get yourself at least another 256 of ram. most games today don,t play to well with only 256. especially if your using windows xp. which needs 128 just to run. leaving only 128 plus your swap file. which leads to choppy gameplay. i'd almost bet that with a gig of ram you could play most games out, albeit on low settings.