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Can I use recharghable battaries in a cordless mouse?

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Aug 27, 2002
I was looking at different logitech cordless mouses and had a few questions. Can I use rechargable battaries in a cordless mouse? I heard from some people that you cant... Would it matter what type of recharghables(Nimh, Nicd, alkaline) that you would use?

You should be able to use rechargeables in your cordless mouse. If you want to the best to get are NiMH batteries since they don't have a "memory" like other rechargeables. Or you could just go out and get the Logitech Mx700 It is great. I picked it up yesterday and this is my first wireless mouse and I am impressed. It tracks just as good as a corded one! They include a base station that is a battery charger (they give you 2 nimh batts) and the new digital RF reciever. All in all good stuff and the mouse is very comfortable but it is on the expensive side.
You can and you better :) .. my logitech cordless mouse really hogs battery power. In average, I have to recharge my NiMH 700 every 2 months or so (and that w/o playing games a lot). recently installed UT2K3 and had to recharge the batteries after 2 weeks of 4-6 hrs daily gameplay :D
jlin453 said:
Why does it say on the logitech cordless keyboards that you shouldn't use rechargeable batteries?

They probably have a deal with energizer lol
I'm not sure, but I've been using rechargeables in my logitech cordless keyboard and optical mouse for almost a year now....heck of a lot cheaper this way
I do and its worth it. My MS$ explorer goes through them about a pair every month. I do use it every night and weekend so maybe thats why. But dont waste your money on throw aways.