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Can not unlock CPU that I know is OCable and it says it is unlocked

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overclock fox

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Aug 20, 2016
CPU: Intel Pentium G3258 LGA 1150 duel core @ 3.20ghz
Motherboard: MSI H81M-E34

I downloaded Intel Extreme Tuning utility and I set overclocking to unlock. The computer resets then when I open up the utility is say "setting can not be changed overclocking is locked." When I go into the BIOS to do it I can not change anything (as far as OC setting go) but it says it is unlocked. The CPU is my brother's old one and I bought the same motherboard he used. He overclocked the CPU fine when he had it and he said he did not have this problem nor could he figure out why it is acting like this.
Probably need a different bios for the motherboard. I'm not sure what version you are on but if you do a little googling I'm sure you can find out what version you need.
I found a few other posts on some other forums and this is a problem like RJARRRPCGP said the motherboards of H81, B85 and H87 for ASUS, gigabit and MSI... In fact they said that the new BIOS update is what disables the function for OC and also a few were saying something about windows 10 being an issue which makes no sense to me as the OS is not active when In BIOS (as far as I know) So I will be getting the motherboard suggested above... Thank you for the quick concise and informative replies. However it does not make sense that my brother was able to OC it with that motherboard. The CPU is the same physical CPU he handed it to me as his old one...
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The manufacturers stopped overclocking in newer bios versions. Your brother probably had an older BIOS on his board from before Intel started forcing (or demanding) board manufacturers to lock them down to prevent overclocking.

It's entirely related to the version of the BIOS and whether or not it has the "code" in it that prevents overclocking on the H81, B85, and H87 motherboards.
okay to be sure if I get the motherboard suggested above I should be good to overclock my CPU? Because this CPU needs to be OC to be worth anything...
I have to say here, I do not see the point in spending 80 dollars on a board to overclock an 85 dollar cpu unless it is for benching purposes.

Will you get a little bit of performance? Yes. Enough to justify switching boards? Not in my opinion.
I agree I would try flashing an older bios to the board you have and just overclock it on that.
I agree I would try flashing an older bios to the board you have and just overclock it on that.

It looks like that is no longer possible. SOURCE
Hardware.fr reports that Intel has plans to remove this 'feature' by releasing a firmware update which restricts voltage adjustments to the Z87 platform. The adjustments will be part of a new BIOS-update. If you're currently using the overclocking technique, a BIOS update will disable the functionality. There's bad news for those who think that leaving their BIOS untouched will allow them to retain their overclocking options; an update to the operating system could also introduce the rewritten microcode into the BIOS.
so what? Intel is starting to make overclocking impossible? My brother said that overclocking this CPU was worth it and he noticed a huge difference in performance. But if I cant overclock even on the Gigabyte GA-Z97-HD3 LGA 1150 Z97 HDMI 2-Way CrossFire ATX Motherboard then eh, but I do plan on upgrading in the future so it might not be to big a deal to spend the extra $40 for it... But no one said that I can not overclock on it, it is the Z97 not Z87 if that matters at all... I really want overclocking for this CPU it really needs it I run it 100% when I use world edit in minecraft if the paste is big enough it can up to 30 seconds to paste it in at 100% CPU usage XD so even a bit of performance is welcome, but like IO said I will be upgrading at a later date this CPU was free from my brother so I can not complain... I plan on getting an i5 Skylake to replace it at some point

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oka never mind I just checked the I5-6600K is a 1151 socket and both boards are 1150... So I guess I am returning the new one until I can get a new CPU I will just get a new motherboard to... Thank you all for your help...