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SOLVED can psu cause heat problems

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ive done everything and still cant bring my temps down
bought wbk38(broght it down 7c) put extra fan in the case bu still in idle i got 47-48c and in full load 55c
ive opend bothe side of my case but temps still the same so it must not be airflow broblem
can it be that my psu(300w)causing that heat?
ive got amd 1.3 and asus a7v-e.
my board temps are 35c
do you think changing my psu will work???
1) are you overclocking yet?
2) 35 sounds high for board temp, did you point a fan at the board when you pulled the sides off?
3) how many case fans do you have in there now? And how are they blowing (intake, exhause)?

I don't think the psu could be causing heat problems, unless you have an odd setup or it is overheating or something.
I've read posts from people who allege that an underpowered PSU can cause higher CPU temps, but for the life of me, I don't understand the electronics behind that reasoning. Wattage is a function of voltage times current. Now, if the +12V output sags enough to slow down the cooling fans substantially, that certainly could cause higher temps, but most PSU issues I have seen arise from the +5V sagging, due to higher wattage CPUs.

I agree with Hoot, and the psu should not be blowing hot air into the case as the fan should be sucking air from the case through the psu and blowing it out.
Check the direction of the fan in the PSU. The original ATX spec called for the PSU fan to be blowing air into the case over the cpu area, that may have been ok for the old cpu's but today it is not. It is not to often that you run into this situation today as most supplies now run the fan as an exaust but it still can happen once in a while so check just to be sure. Hold a sheet of paper up to the fan to test it.