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Can someone help me with my IWill.....

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Feb 2, 2001
I can't seem to get the FSB up to 133. Whenever I Change the Jumper on the Board my System wont turn on....Or atleast the Monitor..I think. I did Pencil Lines and Can O/C. but not the FSB. Well atleast not that I know of. Cansomeone help..Or send a Link explaining how?.....Thank you
same thing happened to me when i put my old 800tb in there.
no screen turn on. It is not your mobo it is your cpu it is not a 266fbs so you must turn down the mult some to get it to go to 133fbs. Even that might not worked i never got my 800tb to work at 133.

I could be wrong but give it a try and post back here.
try booting at 100 fsb. go into your bios and set your multiplier to 6. start the system, shut down, unplug, move jumper to 133, plug back in, turn on. WALLA, she should boot at 800 at 133 bus. if this works start oc'ing your bus. If the system locks you may have to jump it back to 100 to lower the multiplier again. Hope this helps ya ???
I don't have the 800.....I have the 1.2Ghz....I don't wanna run at 800. I'll see what I can do....Thanks
Crispy (Apr 10, 2001 11:42 a.m.):
I can't seem to get the FSB up to 133. Whenever I Change the Jumper on the Board my System wont turn on....Or atleast the Monitor..I think. I did Pencil Lines and Can O/C. but not the FSB. Well atleast not that I know of. Cansomeone help..Or send a Link explaining how?.....Thank you

Take a look at ths article. I think it will help you.
just SEE if your motherboard will run at 133 bus. then turn the multiplier up. what is happening is the mobo is detecting your cpu as a 12x 100 i guess. when u jump it to 133 it is trying to go at 12x 133. it won't so it wont even post. u therefore cannot get into bios and that is that. u have to LOWER the MULTIPLIER while u are at 100 BUS so that the pc will post. then up the multiplier to an attainable speed like maybe 1350 or so and work from there. Understand?
A 1.2 ?? You dont need to do pencile lines on a 1.2 processor.Thay come factory UNLOCKED.

DO you have a 200 fsb or a 266 fsb Processor ????
On a 266 fsb the processor must be set to 9x133.

On the 200fsb 12x100 is the stock setting.

I am also sure that the IWILL and The MSI ,,HAVE problems with the factory Unlocked 1.2 200fsb processors.These 2 M/B will not support that processor at the 133 fsb setting.There were several write ups on this topic I also tlked to the MSI techs and thay stand firm that overclocking is not supported by them.
Are you sure They are all Unlocked?....I heard Alot were but not all. It didn't have any L1 Bridges Connected. And Whenever I try to switch to 133 even at 100x9 My Monitor won't turn on. I actually think the PC boots up..I just can't see. Cause my monitor won't come on. Can Anyone who has a IWill who has Switched the Jumper on BOard and got it to Work let me know how.
hmmm, what video card you running? if you have an non-unlocked 1.2 it will be the first (i think) that i have heard of. i would still try running it at 5x 133 or so to test your power supply. I'm not saying to run it at that speed forever but see if at even slow speeds the video will work at 133 bus. also verify that the pc is running at the speed you setin the bios. if the cpu is improperly unlocked it will probably use the default multiplier. Hows about 132? Can you run it at 132 fsb (jumper at 100 and 132 set in bios?). Also if you happen to have a network up, see if you can access files on the 133 bus pc from another pc. Is the pc making the windows startup music when you run it at 133 bus and can't see the video? btw, i have an iwill kk266-r w geforce2 and I am currently running mine at 167 mhz bus so I have gotten mine past the dreaded 133 mhz impasse :)
ya man ,mine runs over 133 no prob ,,do u have a newer bios on it? I'm still running the turc O/C one ,,lol
Sorry I have the KK266 ver. 1.2..the 686B one.....with updated Bios and Updated 4in1 Drivers. I have a Radeon64DDR ViVo. And 256MB of OCZ PC150 Enhanced RAM. My monitor seems to be the problem. But am Not Sure. Cause My system still seems to Start up But I can't tell cause Monitor turns Off. And when I fix. It tells me Windows didn't finish loading and I have to Safe Startup. I'll see what I can find in this new link. but remeber I'm Extremely new and have no clue.
Has Anyone with A Radeon Been Able to Switch thier FSB to 133 from the Jumper on the Board? I think it's my Video Card, but not sure. I can't Take it out to see if it's the Problem because then I still wouldn't beable to tell. I swear my PC starts up but Monitor Turns off and won't turn on. I can't seem to get it working. I already took out my NIC card to Check. Can someone help me please...I would like to O/C this thing. Thanks
Sorry I don't have a radeon card :( I can tell you that your monitor is almost certainly NOT your problem. It is possible that your radeon card won't run at 133 bus but I find that unlikely as well. When you switch the jumper on the Iwill kk266 to the 133 mhz setting, you are reducing the agp speed to the same as it is at 100 mhz fsb. Right now I have 4 theories as to what your problem is. The 1st is lack of power. What size and type of power supply is your case using? When I told you earlier to run your cpu at a very slow speed at 133 bus, that might have proven if the power supply was holding you back. The 2nd is your cpu is not unlocked. Are you sure you can adjust your multiplier. Try adjusting the multiplier while at 100 bus and check with a program like WCPUID to see if your multiplier is actually changing. The 3rd is that your memory cannot handle the 133 bus speed. Try setting your memory timings as slow as possible (cas = 3, 2 way bank interleave, 8/10 ns timings (if using 0307 bios) ) and see if this fixes your problem. The 4th (which is probably unlikely) is that you are having an irq conflict. When running at 100 bus right click on my computer...properties...device manager...highlight "computer"...click on properties button and check which irq your radeon is using as well as what other devices are on the same irq. If you have another major device on with the radeon or if there is 3 or more devices total on it you should move the radeon to an empty or less used IRQ port.

To recap, first make sure the multipliers are in fact changing the way you set them up in the bios. Next try booting at the lowest possible multiplier and 133 bus. Next reduce your memory timings (ahh wait heres a memory test for you :) - try running at 100 bus and the memory at pci +33 to see if your memory can handle the 133 setting :) )Then if that doesn't shed any light as to the problem get your pc running, check your irq assignments. The only way to fix computers is to troubleshoot. If you don't systematically eliminate things that could be causing your trouble then it is unlikely that you will ever solve the problem. As for removing your nic that was a good idea. It would probably be good to remove all your devices except for the video card and c drive until you solve your problem. Good luck
Cool Thanks...I'll Try that out...I did Pencil Trick and am Pretty Sure CPU is Unlocked. I've changed Multipliers and had it Running at 1350. But anything past 1350 my Monitor won't turn on. I have a 300W Power Supply with Nothing but PC running off of it. I have 256MB of OCZ Enhanced PC150 (Even THough it says PC166 on it). And No Cards are sharing Irq Ports. I think that's about it...I'll keep Trying...Thanks People for Your Help.
I'd Spost a Pic of what WCPUID said but I can't fig out how to Post Attachments or Pics.