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Can someone help me with my router!

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Sep 16, 2002
Chicago, USA
Ok this is the deal,

I have home networking and stuff, and since I installed all this networking stuff (router, wireless this and that) I cant host multiplayer games on my PC :mad:

I dont have a firewall or anything, but the router wont let me host anything ... how can I fix that, or is there anything I could do ??

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What kind of router? It depends on the brand. For instance: my Linksys Router has a menu that allows me to change alot of settings.

You may have something called DMZ that you need to enable. DMZ hosting opens up all the ports for any IP address you specify. You may need to have a static IP setup for your pc as well.

We really need more info. Brand and model of router. Operating system version. Type of internet connection. Brand and Model of network card.
I'll assume you have linksys as they're very common.

you want advanced, port forwarding. find out what port you'll need open, enter it, check both tcp and udp boxes and enter your computers ip address. check it active. press apply.

it should work now.

I had to do that to use direct connect with mine.
I have the Linksys router.
I should be home in like 45 minutes so Ill check it out, but where are the router settings ?? how do I access them.
RTFM. All the instructions are in there. It gives you an IP to go to and log in. You can also go to the Linksys website and find instructions there. http://www.linksys.com

The settings are a little tricky. You can keep DHCP on and still assign a Static IP to your pc if you wish. Where it has the DHCP option to specify the range of DHCP addresses you just need to make sure you assign your pc and IP address out of that range.

Next go to DMZ and input your pc IP address there. Should be good to go from there.

Shut off your NAT and use dmz, you can have 1 pc host and have all the others even play on it (use your local ip addresses for best pings)

That is also how you would use an xbox online jfyi