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Can someone help setting up my new motherboard.

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Mar 18, 2001
I have a Biostar M7MIA
1.2 gig socket A thunderbird(266mhzfsb) OEM
256meg PC2100 DDR memory chip from Samsung

Whenever I have the m/b jumper settings for 266mhz (pins 1,2 and 4,5 on the cpu clock selection JCLK1), the system hangs just after POST. Whenever I have it set to 200 mhz it runs fine. Any ideas on what the problem is? The memory has a sticker on it that says its PC2100 so I trust it. But the cpu is OEM and I'm wondering if I got screwed over and sent a 200Mhz fsp version. The invoice says its 266mhz. Is there a way to test my system to see what speed its running at? The setup runs great and is very fast but I just want to make sure I got what I paid for.
AMd 1.2 266 front side bus can be determined by,

This #A1200ams3c .NOW your letters and numbers after the{ A1200 }may differ however if it is a 266fsb the last letter will be a C,If it is B it is the 200fsb processor.

If you set jumpers to 133 on the M/B the processor clock needs to be at 9 this will give you 9x133=1200.

Hope this helps you out good luck !!!!!!!
All my problems were from excess heat. Sisoft Sandra reported my cpu temp as 145.6degrees Celcius. I do alot of gaming and after hours of play the cpu stepped itself down to 909mhz to keep from overheating. After it cooled off it booted back up at 1200mhz and even works on the 266mhz jumper settings now. I settled for the cheap heatsink/fan combo the company sent me and it isnt adequate. I'm only using the temperature tape that came with the heatsink. Later, I'm going to try some good temperature grease and a better heatsink.