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can someone please help me?

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WOW! Hmm, I think you may be using the same book as us for your class. I have seen the Coin class before, we used this exact code in an example program last week.
I am still not sure if I understand the problem. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I am thinking that the coin and dart class need to be modified to include the .value method sence this method is refrenced in the Interface_value_use.java code.
Do you have a TA handy that you can ask for a clearer explaniation of the problem that needs to be addressed? I will help you in any way I can because I think it will help me understand classes better, but I dont fully understand what the problem is asking.

It is also kind of interesting to see that your school uses the Keyboard class. Our instructor doesnt use the keyboard class because it is not a standard Java class.
hey i figured it out earlier. good thing cause its due tomorrow.

add this to the dart class:

public int value()
return tvalue;

and add this to the coin class:

publiv int value()
return face;

then compile the objectvalue interface and the program that communicates with the interface. :)

Don't you love thinking for an hour about what ends up as three lines of code?
BTW, are you using the L&L book too? I used it my CIS 210 class, but it wasn't especially helpful.
I guess misery loves company. Do you use another book, and if so was it helpful? I'm trying to figure out if I should even bother buying books for CIS classes. I seem to learn best from examples in class and from the API. The book looks kinda pretty, but I have an easier time remembering the clock in background of the cover than what's inside.
Wow, this is a popular book. The one thing that I do find very helpfull is the appendix, other than that, I dont use the book much.
I was just about to go start my Java homework. If you want to see the assignments we are doing in our class go here.