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can the chevette heatercore be used as an evap?

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Dec 14, 2001
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the evaporator only takes 10-15 psi because it has just left the capillary tube....or at least thats what i think....but u definitely mean the condensor and no the heatercore or any heatercore will not stand that psi...


Underwater Senior Member
Nov 29, 2001
dragon orb 3 said:
the evaporator only takes 10-15 psi because it has just left the capillary tube....

Only when it's running, bro. Soon after it cycles off the whole system will equalize pressure, and depending on the system's size and refrigerant, can be around 100-150 psi everywhere inside.

You could pressure test it, and try, but I'd use one more like a transmission cooler (copper tube) or even a DD cube radiator for an evap.
That'd put some nice chill into the air.

By the way, if you plan on airconditioning your case, watch for condensation bro.


Jan 6, 2003
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umm.. the evaporator is usually a CPU block in phase change systems in a CPU. you mean the condensor? i'd say no it wont take the preasure, but you can give it a shot. just get a air pump and preasure guage that can give that much preasure, and plug one side of the heater core, and put the pump hose on the other and pump away. when the heater core explodes, you'll know how much it'll take.... :D