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Can the Iwill KK266 fan header handle the Delta fan?

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Hello all,

I just got this board a couple of days ago and have everything up and running. I'm using the loud Delta/PAL6035. It seems to be running ok, but i just wanted to make sure that i won't burn out the mobo. Also, everytime i reboot windows (to install drivers, change window settings, etc...) as the system starts to shutdown, the fan slows down and then kicks back up upon intialization of reboot. I hope that's not a problem, i'm just use to the fan constantly running at all times when my comp. is on. *ALSO* Is it just me, or does this board run procs really cool? I have a 900t-bird(just got it) and ran it stock a little while on my previous mobo (A7V) with a temperature of 40C. However, with the KK266 my temps are now showing as 24C. Why the difference? Same setup just different boards.

On another note, just wanted to let u all know that I got this board after I gave my sister my A7V/750t-bird because she needed a comp. and couldn't afford to buy one. This was about a week ago. 1 week before i gave it up, I managed to run the 750@950 stable @ 44C full load 1.8v. I just wanted to throw this in because this was my first time at overclocking and i succeeded. After seeing the difference in scores between the 750 and 950, i got such a rush. I can truly say that overclocking KICKS ***, however it's very addicting. Still trying to get the wife to understand:)

Have a great day all!!!
I am about to upgrade the fan on my hs to the delta 38; from what I have read this is a power hungry little bugger!! (pulls like 4 watts) You can get a 3 to 4 pin adapter and plug it right into a molex connector. This would probabally be the safest way to go.

Also what wattage power supply do you have? Someone correct me if Im wrong but this kinda sounds like a voltage drop during power up.
no bra, do not run a fan like that on a mobo header, u'll kill it and maybe the board, go drop some scratch on a 3to4 adapter dude.

good luck,

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It could be. A good way to test is to unplug case fans, etc. while running and see if the CPU fan speeds up. If so, is's definately a lack of power.