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Can this CPU handle HULU??

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Apr 23, 2009
You should be fine, the 2500+ is comparable to a Pentium 4. My Atom Netbook streams standard def. videos fine and it's nowhere near as fast as a P4.


Just Another Retired Moderator
Dec 19, 2000
Lawrenceville, GA
It will depend on whether you're going full screen and what resolution we're talking about. The flash content on Hulu can be extremely CPU intensive and if you don't have a GPU that can take advantage of the new hardware accelerated Adobe Flash Player, I'd say you're in for some epilepsy-inducing playback.

Before I put an E6600 in my HTPC, the E2140 in there could not playback fullscreen Hulu content without judder at 1280*720.


Nov 16, 2007
Twin Cities MN
Well I gave it a try.... SSSStudder all the way. While it may have been the slow old video card(s) I was trying to use..(Nvidea 5200-PCI and a XGI Volari X3-AGP).
So, I decided to play musical computers and brought my Wifes* Asus Rig out to the living room to use at the HTPC (see Sig). This Rig has more than enough umph to run Hulu high def content with out breaking a sweat.

*had to get permission from my wife..... this means she gets her own profile on "my" main computer. - Oh the compromises we are willing to make to have fun.