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Can use heatsink AX-7 on ASUS A7V333 and EPOX 8K3A+ ? (AGAIN)

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it fits no problem on my epox 8k3a+..i just set up an new rig...yesterday...still tweaking but all the hardware is done.. and the ax-7 fits no problems...not the easiest to get on but it works....:)
I actually have both A7V333 and 8k3a+. I really like the performance of AX-7(the 80CFM delta fan can be very loud; my wife complained so much so I install a Rehobus from PC mods to control the fan speed. It is a very nice 4 channel fan controllor).

It is little easier to put it on A7V333 (now is in ASUS's RMA department; it fried my 1900XP during BIOS reflash, which is very odd but it also happened to another person in this forum).

My AX-7 now is performing very well on my 8k3a+. There are few capacitors quite close to the CPU socket but you should be able to handle that.

The only little thing is that I installed A7V333 first and drilled 4 fan holes on my side pannel. One of the holes is the CPU duct fan hole. CPU location on 2 motherboards are little different; so, my duct channel is not right on top of the CPU for 8k3a+ now. Even though, the cooling is still quite good. I will do some modification later to fix the alignment issue.

XP 2000 @ 12.5x153 (2.05V)
Kingmax PC2700 (2.8V)
Thermalright AX-7
Coolermaster ATC-210 mod with 8 fans
Leadtek Geforce3 Ti500
Dual BIOS from ISSO (one for aggressive setting; one for safe setting)