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Can you access the net with a PDA?

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Jan 24, 2002
Toronto, Canada
Hey All,

My friend wants a new toy, and this time its a PDA. He prefers Pocket PC (windows CE) to PalmOS since pocketPC's have larger screen, for pretty much the same price. He wants it only for 1 thing. Internet viewing, not for pocket word excel or anyhitng else.

I am thinking he should buy some PDA, get a wifi be it 802.11 abcde. But since I know 0 about handhelds (my only one is an old Psion 3a) he wants to know a few things. Cas you see the whole webpage on a PDA? I mean what is the resolution on them. And can you read the text.

His set up is a dsl modem conected to pc via ethernet. what wireless network should he get?

Thats it,

thnx ;)
awww come on.
"general hardware" and "general computer related discussion"
at least I got 1 word right ;)

sowwy though
The best resolution I can recall seing is 320x320 pixels for a Sony Clie, so webpages will look distorted and the right half will be cropped off.
Most webpages are built with 600x800 pixels in mind.
Others with smaller resolution like the new Palm m505 have much better color...the clie only has 256 colors.

Yes, they can do internet, though I would definately check with the retailer on availability...wifi and other wireless networks are only available in limited areas.
Silicon Valley easily forgets that to sell the neatest newest toys, the connectivity has to be available also. They just forget to mention that in the neato ads :eh?: convenient really, everyone building the toys cheaply at the expense of the third world, but not paying the American wages required to build the network.